Gravity Guy Unblocked

About Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy is a casual game that was originally released by Miniclip for iPhone and iPhone touch in February 2010. It’s a fast-paced arcade-style runner where gravity is the only thing left unchanged while everything else (mobs, projectiles, switches, etc) changes its orientation to make you fall towards the next traction point.

The idea of using gravity switching it’s simple and intuitive and very easy to grasp allowing ease of gameplay never seen before in this kind of genre: compare Sonic Dash or Temple Run, similar games where you need to navigate between different obstacles without touching them with Gravity Guy. The difficulty increases gradually with each new level and requires quick reflexes since you can die in one hit if for instance for some reason you touch a bad guy or an obstacle that doesn’t have traction.

In later stages, the game introduces moving obstacles as well as other elements such as portals and accelerators, not to mention speed gates that will take you from one gravity orientation to another at super speeds making it even harder to navigate through the level. There are 24 levels included in this first release with more levels promised in future updates.

How to Play?

As mentioned before, Gravity Guy is a fast-paced arcade-style runner. The gameplay consists of controlling your guy with just two fingers: one for changing gravity and the other to run faster so you can reach new traction points as they appear on the screen. You can change orientation at any time using the level indicator button but doing this costs some energy so you’ll need to collect more energy pick-ups along your way in order to be able to use it more often.

You start with 5 lives and every time you die you’re presented with a retry screen where you select from the last three checkpoints you passed until now which means if something bad happens and you end up dying by touching an obstacle or a bad guy then you have three tries left to try again. If you die without passing a checkpoint then it’s Game Over.

Gravity Guy has three game modes at the moment: Run, Time Attack, and Daily Challenge. You can either play through all of them or just select one to play right away. Since this is mainly a casual game I decided not to include any kind of in-app purchase system but loadout selections are included instead in order to give the player more options on picking how they want to configure their experience when starting a new game session. Use coins earned by playing through levels or completing challenges in order to buy new characters, backgrounds, gadgets, and additional gravity styles that may make your run easier according to how you like your games balanced.

As for controls, I tried implementing an easy-to-use system where you can hold the level indicator button in order to play with your thumbs. But if for some reason you decide to play with another set of thumbs or even with a stylus then the HUD is scalable so your fingers never block your view of the action on screen.

Configuration options include sound, vibration, and music on/off as well as customizing the HUD position allowing everyone to find their preferred way of playing. If you have a MOGA or similar Bluetooth controller then Gravity Guy supports it out of the box giving you that real arcade feeling when playing using a physical controller. If you’re not happy with just controlling one guy there’s also an option for having a second gravity orientated at the same time making everything a lot more difficult but a hell of a lot of fun.