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How To Play Gravity Guy Unblocked

Gravity Guy is an awesome running game which is available both on GooglePlay/Appstore and online. At our website you can enjoy the original edition of the game for free. Even though that there are a lot of running games on the internet, this one stands above the crowd. It has an awesome graphics, great colorful levels and addictive gameplay. You control as small robot who can switch the gravity to overcome obstacles. This means that your robot can run upside-down. While running keep in mind that the levels are becoming more and more difficult, and you can't stop your character to decide how to overcome a new obstacle - you have only few moments to make decision.

Another robot is chasing you so you must act as fast as possible to escape from him and not get killed. The game is also available in multiplayer mode, so I am sure you will spend great time playing Gravity Guy Unblocked at school. Enjoy


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